Work In Progress>>>I Have Prepared Myself To Lead America *For The Past Fifty Years* And I Am Prepared *To Do A Great Job* If So Chosen By My Fellow Americans (12-8-2012)

December 8, 2012

I *Trust my WordPress Website Development Team’s Judgement* in the “Our Goals” vs. “My Goals” controversy those editing me and I seem to be having with the “I Have A Solid Core Management Team of Four Geniuses”… WordPress Blog.

I gracefully accept the Role of Leadership that “My Goals” infers. (Thank You! for Correcting me whomever you are.)

To explain to those that are not familiar with the above: I Keep Changing It To *Our Goals* in the Blog Titlle in order to be *Inclusive* (of my Team)… and in Order to *Adequately Recognize* The Three Heroic Persons that Are Profoundly Helping Me *With WordPress Over The Internet*. Some Member or Members of my WordPress Website Development Team Keeps Changing It Back to *My Goals* (to Save Both America and the World).


***Important Note: The Rest of this blog is a work-in-progress… as I am using another WordPress Blog to work off of in order to write this one.

Essentially I am “Converting One WordPress Blog To Another”.  Give me a few days to complete this (assuming Federal and/or other Hackers let me.  Allen D***


In Regard to My Leadership of America…

I have prepared myself (as best as I could) *To Lead America* since I was ten years old (and wrote an essay in 4th grade in regard to “Wanting to be America’s President”).

After 50 years of preparation (I am 60 now), I am ready, willing, and able to *Do a Great Job* in regard to either Leading or Co-Leading America (as One of it’s Eight Internet-Based-Government Presidents)… or so I sure think.

Many think that *I Am Delusional* in the Above regards. (They do not know what they are talking about.)

Few people understand “Us Geniuses”, and many mediocre people “Do all that they can to demean us” for some strange (probably ego driven) reason.

To *All of America* and To *The Entire World* I say…

“Never Discount the Power of *Either* Near-Genius or Genius Intellectual Capacity”, especially when Coupled with “a Work Ethic Second to None”. (I have *Both* in the Aforementioned Regards. SO DOES EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of My WordPress Website Development Team.)

History is Witnessing a *True and Very Capable Leader* Rise Out Of the Masses, assuming I don’t get killed before such occurs.

History is also Witnessing *Three Other Very Hard Working Near Geniuses or Geniuses* Rise Out Of the Masses, and *Putting Their Lives On The Line* For America, For the World, and For Me.

I pray to both God and the Mafia that I live long enough to “Fulfill the Destiny that both God and My Extraordinary Parents Gave to Me”.

I also pray that My Entire *Heroic* WordPress Website Development Team *Survives Along With Me*.


Allen D

My WordPress Website Development Team’s “Resumes” are as follows:

My “Resume Blog” is Titled:

The Story Of Darman Mfg. Company And Genius

The Abovementioned WordPress Blog written on October 13, 2010 is *Easily Found On The Internet* by *Doing a Title Search* using Google.

If I was to have *A Second Resume Blog* its Title would be:

Cambridge Who’s Who And A Synopsis Of My Situation

Note: The two WordPress Blogs mentioned Above were written “back to back” on October 12th and 13th in 2010.


Mark Jaquith’s Professional Website is (This is his Company. It is an LLC.)

The Above Website Tells A Great Deal about Mark, and what his various capabilities are.


The Lesbian Couple of WordPress Website Development Specialists in San Francisco that have been Helping Me with WordPress Over the Internet *Using the Unusual Methodology of Intuitive Collaboration* since April 10, 2012 have thus far Chosen to Remain Anonymous.

I personally have never either met them or seen a picture of them, I do not know either of their names, I have never gotten an email or snail mail from either one of them, and I have never spoken with them either over the Internet or on the phone.

I have No Clue who these two people really are.

All I do know is that these 2 people are *Helping Me Tremendously Over the Internet with WordPress* in an *Intuitive Collaborative Fashion*, and that they have been doing so *for quite some time*.


Don’t let your Guard Down in regard to the Mafia until I let u know it is OK to do so.


Please understand that the Mafia has a history of using torture when they feel it is appropriate to do so.

What the above means is that even if I let u know it is OK to let your guard down with the Mafia, be suspicious of my words… as I may have been brutally tortured to the point I gave in.

I am a real tough cookie, but there may be some torture I can’t stand up to… I just don’t know here.

The Mafia’s traditional Trump Card of threatening my children and those I love with death *will not work at all* in regard to me.

I put both America and the World’s Welfare ahead of the Welfare of my children.

I discussed this with Willy numerous times over the years… and with Max a bit too.

Willy gracefully accepts the fact that “I put the World first”. And Max understands too.


I continue to hope that the Mafia will give me… and us… a chance.


The Mafia has done numerous things in the past which are not moral and right.

However the Mafia has done numerous things in the past which were good too.

I don’t care about the past, and I am not in any position to criticize or judge much of what the Mafia does.

I care most about establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with the Mafia… one in which brings down Big Pharma, Big Oil, and our Corrupt Federal Government.


I may be totally delusional thinking the Mafia will support me.

If so, so be it… they can soon (in January sometime when I let down my guard and make myself readily available to them) execute me… and suffer whatever the consequences may be.


None of you need to join me if I work for the Mafia at some point, assuming they let me.

The Above Choice is up to you.

If u3 all opt out, your WordPress Website Development skills can be replaced. (Your hearts, souls, bravery, and smarts can’t easily be replaced. U3 are “rare gems”… that’s no lie.)

I sure would like to retain u2 girls… and u2 Mark. (All of u are of Great Value to both the Mafia and I.)


It has been about 22 hours now… and the Notable Quotes Blog is still being *Completely Hacker Blocked* as far as editing goes.

That’s weird… especially as “I can edit and blog everywhere else”.

The newer Notable Quotes Blog copy ending with GOV sure pissed someone off.

I cannot *type or change one single character on the Notable Quotes blog on

Can *Any of the three of you edit this blog… it needs so little for it to be finished.


More odds and ends later perhaps…

Allen Darman


Notable Quotes

The scariest moment is always just before you start. — Stephen King

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