Month: April 2014

In Fighting Two Wars Based On Lies America Gave Away Its Air Supremacy Capability To Both Russia And China

I ran into some insightful videos on YouTube the other day.

Russia and China both watched what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They subsequently developed cheaper fighter planes that exceeded our best fighter planes in their capabilities.

They also developed SAM’s (surface to air missiles) that jeopardized our best fighter planes as well.

Russian fighter development is not static.

They are getting better and better year by year as the following videos from the 2013 and 2014 Paris Air Show demonstate.

The planes in the video below are super maneuverable due to their thrust vectoring engines, which are second generation ones, or even more developed than this. We have nothing that can compare to these planes. Our best fighter planes would most certainly lose if they were in a dogfight with this superior Russian equipment.

China was able to get ahold of pieces of one of our downed planes in the Balkans, which helped them to leap frog forward in development as well.

Chinese missiles are a threat to our fighters as well.

China has developed a wide array of modern weaponry recently as the below video shows.

It was our ability to produce a lot of war equipment that won WWII. Now the Chinese have taken over in this regard as the above video clearly shows. Their weaponry is newer than ours.


Russia and China both have fighter planes that are superior to ours, and are getting better all of the time.

Both Russia and the U.S. cannot compete with China when it comes to producing (manufacturing) anything.

The Chinese would not be building this wide array of weaponry if it was technologically inferior to what already existed. Almost everything we used to go into Iraq has been countered by newer technology and is functionally obsolete. The Abrams tank may be the only exception in this regard, but tanks are useless against air supremacy, and China almost certainly has a tank that is equal to the Abrams (and may even be superior). The Tomahawk missile and our airplanes are both obsolete.

In addition to this, the Chinese have the first anti-ship ballistic missile in existence. (Neither Russia or the U.S. has developed such technology yet.) One shot from a Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile that hits its target could take out an entire aircraft carrier.

We have lost our technological lead in developing war equipment, and we have lost our lead in air supremacy.

It also seems that humanity continually develops and produces weapons, and repeatedly goes to war for one reason or another.

Add these facts to our economic vulnerabilities and the future does not look good for America at all.

We are in no position to go up against either Russia and China in regard to fighting a non-nuclear war, especially China.

Both of these countries are willing to, and do, sell war equipment to other countries, just as we do.

Air Supremacy is critical in winning a non-nuclear war. We proved this in Iraq.

Without control of the skies, ground forces are in deep trouble, and cannot win–>

For they are bombed, strafed and hit with missiles at will.

What this means is that sometime in the future, if we are foolish enough to go up against more advanced military equipment in a war, such as could happen in Syria or Iran if Russia (or China) intervenes in their behalf, we will lose. The current situation in the Ukraine is quite worrisome as well. Russia will not stand for U.S. military intervention in all three of the countries named (Syria, Iran, and the Ukraine).

I hesitated to write this blog for there is something inherently wrong with a species and a country (specifically America) that continually goes to war. No good can come of this. All of these non-nuclear wars bring us closer and closer to Nuclear Armageddon over the diminishing resources of food, water, oil or land.

However, I felt it worthy to inform people of the fact that America no longer has a technological edge in air supremacy (and in many other war modalities as well). We have fallen behind, and will become more behind over time, because we cannot compete economically, and war equipment is costly.

The American Empire will follow the Roman one it seems. IMHO, China is destined to be #1, Russia #2, and America #3 or perhaps even lower on the ladder over time. (It may be worthy to note here that both China and Russia have wisely banned GMO foods, which weaken a population as a whole, as is happening in America today. Our exports of food to these two countries is drying up due to this.)

For dozens of reasons, America is in deep trouble, and so is much of the rest of the world too.

I’d hate to be in my 20’s or 30’s bringing up a family in America, without the means to escape America’s probable future and live on a little farm in a small peaceful country in the back woods or jungle somewhere.

I fear for what my two young 20’s sons will see in their lifetime.

What is even worse, is that the dollar may collapse and martial law may be declared in America either this year (2014), or the next (2015).

Not only do we have to be concerned about Russia or China surpassing us in military might, we have to be concerned about our own corrupt federal government, which is quite arguably the biggest threat to American Freedom of all.

If I had the means and the health to do so, I would get out of America permanently and never come back. Unfortunately I have neither, and I am simply waiting for disaster to happen like almost everyone else.

Allen D